Definition of formal violations

By the Provision no. 27629/2023 and with the Resolution no. 6 of 14 February 2023, were regulated the contents and methods of use of the "Regularization of formal violations" procedure.


News about declaration of intent (DOI) from 1st January 2022

The usual exporter that would to apply the option to purchase goods and services without the application of VAT, it must carried out a declaration of intent and transmitted it electronically to the Revenue Agency. The Tax Office for this purpose will issue an electronically receipt.


News about e-invoice and abolition of "Esterometro" form starting from 1.1.2022

The Budget Law 2021 has made amendments to article 1 paragraph 3-bis of Legislative Decree 127/2015, abolishing the so-called "esterometro" fulfillment, changing the methods of transmission of data relating to transactions with foreign costumers/suppliers not established in Italy.



Italy’s Budget Law for the fiscal year 2020 confirmed the introduction of a proportional tax on manufactured products in plastic for single-use (also called “MACSI”), aimed at reducing the production and consumption of plastic. The new plastic-tax was remanded with Budget Law for the fiscal year 2021, and the new rules are fixed at the date of 1st July 2021. The date is not sure, it is probable that the tax will be remanded another time, we are waiting for an update from the Italian government.


Stamp duty tax: informative

The next 20th of January is the deadline for the payment of stamp duty tax on e-invoices issued in the fourth quarter of 2020.


Withholding taxes with reference to contract and sub-contract agreements

the art. 4 of the Law Decree no. 124 (so-called Tax Decree) converted into law on 18th December 2019, has introduced important changes in regard of Tax withholdings and compensations between “Contracting companies” and “Contractor/Subcontractor Companies”



The usual exporter who intends to avail of the right to purchase goods and services without applying VAT must prepare the declaration of intent and send it to the Tax Revenue Agency. Starting from 1st January 2020, the Legislative Decree 34/2019 (converted into Law 58/2019) has provided for some simplifications on the matter and a tightening of the related sanction regime.


Stamp duty tax on e-invoices: deadline for payment 21 october 2019

The next 21st of October is the deadline for the payment of stamp duty tax on e-invoices issued on the third quarter of 2019. According to Ministerial Decree of 28 December 2018, infact, “payment of tax related to e-invoices issued in each quarter is due within the 20 of the first following month”. As the deadline would be on Sunday, the payment deadline shifts to 21st of October.


2020 Quick Fixes

Explanatory notes on 2020 Quick fixes

News from the studio


although the date of 31st October 2019 for the exit from the European Union of the United Kingdom is approaching, the operating methods and the political, social and economic consequences are not yet clear