In these months, our firm supplies assistance to an important customer in the implementation of a platform that allows to translate data processed by the client's SAP accounting system into our software platform for the following tax declarations and communications.

It is well-known that SAP is one of the main, if not the leading, accounting system used by multinational groups. Specifically, SAP is an integrated accounting and management software system that allows ERP management (Enterprise Resource Planning), which integrates all relevant business processes in the enterprise (sales, purchases, warehouse management, accounting etc.), creating and maintaining cross-references between documents produced during these processes for integrated accounting and management. The main purpose for which this system is designed makes it less compatible with the tax requirements of single countries (particularly in a country such as Italy where the level of complication of tax declarations is extremely high, both by the number of different fulfilments, both for the number of information contained in it). In addition, SAP is managed centrally by the mother company, making it difficult to implement customizations at local level for the single subsidiaries.

The project we are following is therefore born with the intention of extracting the information made available by SAP and reworking it according to the tax methods to be imported into the tax software in use to our company in order to make the information usable for tax declarations so as automated. The platform will then allow common access to tax declarations both to our firm and to the customer, further improving the ways of signing and storing tax returns electronically.